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Make your trade fair accessible from anywhere and at any time. newroom connect makes it easy for you to create your own virtual trade fair or set up a digital twin of an existing trade fair.
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What is a virtual fair?

A virtual trade fair is distinguished from a conventional trade fair by many digital features and is in no way inferior to it. Visitors have the opportunity to move freely around the virtual exhibition center, visit booths and exchange information. The most important benefits of a virtual fair are:

  • Location & time independence
  • Easy & fast content updating
  • Data measurability and reporting
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Sustainable event

Bring your trade show into the virtual age

Like a physical trade fair, a digitized trade fair also needs different areas for the spatial separation of certain areas. With newroom connect you can create a variety of areas to implement the rooms you need.


When do I need a virtual fair?

Any enterprise can benefit from a virtual trade show, but some application areas can particularly gain from the use of newroom connect. Here are some criteria to consider when you’re thinking about hosting a virtual trade show:

Where is a virtual trade fair particularly suitable?

  • If you want global accessibility to visitors with little effort
  • For products and booths with a high complexity
  • When a high level of visitor safety or health protection is required (e.g., due to Covid-19).
  • If the logistical effort of the trade fair should be reduced
  • When space is limited or not available for a physical trade fair
  • With a brand image that addresses innovation and technology
  • If a flexible visit over a long period of time is to be enabled

For which products?

  • Online services
  • Digital products
  • Virtual reality
  • Saas solutions
  • 3D models and prototypes
  • Digital art
  • Online stores and e-commerce

Convince yourself!

Our virtual bike store allows you to experience the functions of newroom connect up close. Take a look around, click on content, and see for yourself the features and interactive buying process.

How does a virtual fair work?

The implementation of a virtual trade fair brings many advantages. But how does it work with newroom connect and what requirements have to be met? Here’s a simple 3-step roadmap you can use to incorporate newroom connect into your business:

Step 1

Plan your virtual trade fair

Before actually implementing a virtual trade show, some groundwork needs to be laid to effectively execute the plan. Create a concept that answers the following questions:

  • What areas should the trade fair have?
  • What content is to be displayed?
  • Do you need to create 3D models?
  • Do you already have a room that needs to be replicated or will you be creating a new room?
  • What colors and materials should be used?

If you feel overwhelmed by such questions or want to hand over the conceptualization, our team will be happy to help you.

Step 2

Create your virtual trade fair

Now it’s time to get down to business. Use the Area tool to create your trade show areas such as the lobby, exhibit hall, auditorium, booths and networking areas. Fill your rooms with your content using interactive widgets that allow you to:

  • Integrate videos, images and livestreams
  • View and download PDFs and other file formats
  • Choose between different templates for your exhibition stands
  • Create environments from real rooms or non-existing ones to create a coherent image
  • Let your guests join your show by invitation, code or login

Step 3

Evaluation and security

Evaluate the success of your virtual trade show with the integrated reporting tool. Analyze the performance of each booth and the interactions of your visitors. Gain insight into what content was viewed, how often, for how long, and by whom.

With the roles and rights manager, you have the option to restrict access to certain areas and, for example, only grant access after a payment or by invitation. Customize this according to your specific use case.

newroom connect is a product from Germany and your entire project will be encrypted in this country. This protects your data from unauthorized access.

The top features of our virtual trade fairs

newroom connect has a multitude of features for all kinds of use cases, such as virtual showrooms, virtual trade fairs or a virtual e-learning platform. The most impostant features of your virtual trade show are:

Countless widgets

Use our various widgets to offer your visitors the best possible interaction and increase your conversions.

Individual Areas

With newroom connect you can easily divide different areas into areas and thus separate them thematically.


You already use different tools in marketing or sales? We are happy to help you integrate newroom connect.


Thanks to third-party tools and our integrated reports, you can easily measure and evaluate the success of your trade show digitally.

Role & rights management

Decide who gets to visit your virtual trade show. Use a registration, user lists or a public link for this.


Present all information and media to visitors of your online event in any language, for an accessible experience. (max. 6)

The advantages of a virtual trade fair

Reporting and analysis

With the repoting tools of newroom connect you keep track of how your online trade fair is used and can optimize it continuously and data-based.

Greater outreach

An online trade fair provides worldwide access for exhibitors and visitors. Thus, you increase your reach and can expand your target audience.

Multisensory interaction

With a 360° environment and the versatile widgets of newroom connect, you enable your visitors to interact in a realistic and interactive way.


Save with a virtual trade fair costs for the rent of a hall and other expenses. Create an unlimited sized custom trade show with just one software.

Location & time independent

Make your virtual booths accessible at any time and from anywhere, without huge rental & electricity costs. Determine when and from where.

Environmentally friendly

A digital event can save valuable resources. For example, by eliminating the need for visitors to travel, as well as electricity costs.

The sustainable & virtual trade fair stand

Sustainable exhibition stand

With newroom connect, it is easy to create sustainable exhibition stands that can be operated around the clock due to their low emissions and costs. An interactive booth also increases the reach of your project to a global level. Of course, with newroom connect you can also place several booths on different topics in one room to further improve the knowledge transfer. Learn more in our dedicated article.

Virtual trade fair software

Discover the future of virtual trade fairs

Our virtual trade fair software allows you to digitize your own trade fair. Your visitors can access your show from anywhere and your exhibitors can dynamically adjust their booths at any time. Experience all the benefits of virtual trade show software:

  • Advanced functions for virtual trade fair stands
  • Interactive product presentations and demos in real time
  • Chat function for direct communication with exhibitors and visitors
  • Virtual networking opportunities for valuable contacts
  • Individual scheduling and agenda management
  • Live webinars and presentations from industry experts
  • Integration of videos, brochures and other media content 

Virtual trade fair costs

The cost of a virtual trade fair depends on various factors. For example, the cost is based on the size of the exhibition or the required areas, as well as the required range of functions, and the custom implementation of external tools and external code. With newroom connect, we offer the right pricing model for every project:

Free Trial

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For small to medium projects
one year commitment
129€ - monthly cancellation
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For medium to large projects
one year commitment
499€ - monthly cancellation
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Ideal for any size
Upon request
Professional features plus

Virtual trade fair examples

Each virtual trade fair requires an individual design and specially selected widgets to address your target group in the best possible way. Countless virtual measurements have already been implemented with newroom connect. Here are some virtual trade show examples:


Frequently asked questions

The implementation time varies greatly depends on the size of your project and the individualization or setup of the virtual trade show. The newroom connect platform, however, can be set up very quickly. We are happy to help you with planning, implementation or media creation.

The number of visitors is limited by the respective subscription. If you want unlimited users, then the Enterprise package is perfect for you.

No. Your virtual trade fair runs on the newroom connect platform, which is hosted in Germany and managed by us. This allows us to ensure an optimal, safe and fast experience of your event.

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