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Get the perfect virtual showroom experience with newroom connect: sell online and captivate your customers, as if they were in a real store. No limited opening hours and no costs of a physical store.
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What is a virtual showroom?

A virtual showroom is a digital exhibition space, similar to a store, but in a virtual environment. You can display a room or a whole building, which your visitors are free to roam. There customers have the possibility to inspect your products in detail, interact with you and acquire information.

The most important advantages over a physical product presentation are:

  • No binding business hours
  • Global access
  • Extended data analysis
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced costs

A Virtual Showroom - Made for you

newroom connect allows you to easily create your desired store or to recreate your pre-existing shop.
Create the most diverse spaces for a perfect buying experience of your customers.


When do I need a virtual showroom

A virtual showroom offers a great number of benefits for each company. However, there are products and areas of application that can especially profit from a virtual showroom with newroom connect. Here are some criteria that can help decide if a virtual showroom should be considered and for which product:

In which cases is a virtual showroom particularly suitable?

  • For products that have a high level of complexity and are difficult to present
  • When there is a great distance between you and potential customers
  • For products with a high degree of individualization and many variations
  • When there is limited space for a physical showroom
  • With a brand image that addresses innovation and technology
  • For products where the visualization of the product plays a large role

For which products?

  • Furniture & decor
  • Vehicles & cars
  • Arts & crafts
  • Sports Equipment & bicycles
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture & agribusiness

Convince yourself!

Our virtual bike store allows you to experience the functions of newroom connect up close. Look around, click on things and experience the features and interactive buying process for yourself.

How does a virtual showroom work?

There are many benefits to implementing a virtual showroom. But how does it work with newroom connect and what requirements have to be met? Here’s a simple 3-step roadmap you can use to incorporate newroom connect into your business:

Step 1

Plan your virtual showroom

Before starting to create a virtual showroom, you need to meet some basic requirements in order to realize the plan efficiently. It is recommended to create a blueprint that clarifies the following questions:

  • What should your showroom look like?
  • What content is to be displayed?
  • Do you need to create 3D models?
  • Do you already have a room that needs to be replicated or will you be creating a new room?
  • What colors and materials should be used?

If these questions overwhelm you or if you want to hand over the conceptual design, our team will be happy to support you.

Step 2

Create your virtual showroom

Now it’s turning into reality. Use the Area tool to create your information areas, negotiation rooms or product presentations. Fill your spaces with insights about your products using interactive widgets that allow you to:

  • Integrate videos, images and livestreams
  • View and download PDF and other document formats
  • Triggers let you playfully link your products with relevant product info
  • Create environments from pre-existing spaces or create new ones to provide a cohesive retail experience
  • Integrate the showroom as a separate page or via iFrame into your running website

Step 3

Evaluation and security

Measure the success of your virtual showroom with the integrated reporting tool. Analyze the behavior of your users and their buying patterns. Use this feedback to optimize your sales experience.

With the roles and rights manager you can restrict access to certain areas. For example, customers can only enter a sales room when there is clear interest or customer-related data has been entered. Adjust this according to your individual use case.

newroom connect is a product from Germany and your entire project will be encrypted in this country. This protects your data from unauthorized access.

The top features for digital showrooms

newroom connect has a multitude of features for all kinds of use cases, such as virtual showrooms, virtual trade fairs or a virtual e-learning platform. The most important feautures for your virual Showroom are:

Countless widgets

Use our various widgets to offer your visitors the best possible interaction and increase your conversions.

Individual Areas

A showroom has a wide variety of areas to separate topics. With a virtual showroom, this is quite easy.


Insert your information or educational videos in any format. No matter if as PDF, link, embedded video, iFrame or other file types.


Thanks to third-party tools and our integrated reports, you can easily measure and evaluate the success of your interactive showroom digitally.

Role & rights management

Decide who can visit your virtual showroom. Use registration, user lists or a public link for this.


Present all information and media to visitors of your 3D showroom in any language, for an accessible experience. (max. 6)

Virtual showroom costs

The cost of a virtual showroom depends on several factors. For example, costs are based on the size of the digital showroom or the required areas, but also on the required range of functions, as well as the custom implementation of external tools and external code. With newroom connect, we offer the right pricing model for every project:

Free Trial

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For small to medium projects
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For medium to large projects
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499€ - monthly cancellation
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Ideal for any size
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Frequently asked questions

The implementation time varies greatly depending on the size of your project and the individualization or setup of the virtual showroom. The newroom connect platform, however, can be set up very quickly. We are happy to help you with planning, implementation or media creation.

Your virtual showroom can be used as long as your subscription lasts.

You can easily embed or link to your virtual showroom anywhere on your own website via iFrame.

Your virtual showroom offers a realistic representation of your products in an immersive environment. This allows your customers to see what the product will look like when they receive it. You can also provide targeted information on each product area. For example, when a customer views or clicks on the driver’s seat, you can display specific information about that section.

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