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With our Digital Twin software, you can make your project fit for the digital future. Create virtual rooms with a variety of interactive widgets using newroom connect. Design tours, exhibitions, work environments or networking areas according to your needs.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a real object, system or process. This is a virtual copy that reproduces all the relevant features and properties of the real object.

A Digital Twin can take various forms, from simple 3D models of physical objects to complex models of complete production facilities, buildings or entire cities. Digital Twins are used in various areas, such as trade fairs and events, Industry 4.0, sales, online marketing and much more.

Digital Twin: Ideas

Digital twins can be used in different areas and industries to achieve different goals. Here are some areas and corresponding uses for how you can use newroom connect for your Digital Twin:

Virtual gallery

Create your individual gallery or studio

Digital twins of artworks can be presented online in virtual exhibitions or galleries. Visitors can navigate through an immersive virtual environment, view artworks and receive information about the artist without being physically present. This allows for a global reach and the opportunity to experience works of art or cultural heritage from different parts of the world.

Digital car dealership

Create a digital car dealership for more sales

With a digital twin of a car dealership, you can accompany your customers in the decision-making process without them having to be present on site. This way, you can tie into sales conversations online and give your customers the best possible buying experience. Or let customers who can’t physically be there share in your digital dealership. Discover the future of car sales and offer your customers an innovative and convenient way to find their dream car.

Virtual office

Use a virtual office as a company headquarters

A virtual office allows you to save resources without losing the interactivity of everyday office life. Enable your employees to work from anywhere and still feel like they’re in the office. Customize it to your liking or replicate an existing headquarters to give your employees the best home office experience.

Advantages of a digital twin

With newroom connect you can easily create your own Digital Twin or have a Digital Twin created. In general, Digital Twins offer a variety of benefits, regardless of the specific application or industry. Here are some important benefits you’ll gain with your Digital Twin.

Cost savings

Using digital twins can save costs in various areas, such as retail. For example, at trade shows that can incur high costs for booth rentals, booth construction, transportation, staffing and other logistical expenses, a digital trade show twin often offers more cost-effective options.


Digital Twins are flexible and scalable, so they can be adapted to different requirements or environments. They can be easily updated, extended or customized to meet business or user needs.

Global reach

Visitors from all over the world can participate without having to be physically present. This allows exhibitors to expand their target groups and visitors from different countries can attend the show without having to incur travel expenses or spend time getting there.

Time savings

Digital Twins shorten development and planning times because virtual simulations and tests can be performed faster than real prototypes or tests. They also reduce the time required for fault detection, diagnosis and maintenance, as problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage.

Market expansion

By using Digital Twins, companies can expand globally without having to be physically on site. This allows them to reach new customers or markets and expand their business.


Digital Twins improve sustainability by optimizing energy consumption, reducing material waste, and analyzing and improving the environmental impact of products or systems.

Improved data analysis

Digital Twins enable tracking and analysis of visitor interactions, booth visits, product presentations and other data. This provides valuable insights into visitor behavior, presentation effectiveness, and participation performance.

More efficient planning

Digital Twins enable simulations and “what-if” analysis to evaluate options and make the best decisions. This can optimize processes, resource utilization, performance and other KPIs to improve efficiency.


Digital Twins are scalable and enable the creation of multiple instances of the same digital twin that can be deployed across multiple locations. This is especially useful to monitor, manage or optimize different sites or branches of a company.

Digital Twin: Examples

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