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The Digital Showroom as a Sales Booster

Showrooms as a Flagship

Products, services and companies are presented in a showroom. As the name suggests, it is usually a room. In rare cases, such as car dealerships, entire buildings may be prepared as an expo. In contrast to classic stores, the primary goal is not just to sell the product range. Above all, the focus is on an image-boosting demonstration of the product selection as well as the provision of information through competent contact persons and high-quality prepared materials.


What Is a Virtual Showroom?

The virtual showroom performs the same function as its physical counterpart. In the virtual version, the offer is presented to the target group in an attractive showroom. The main difference is that digital showrooms are not location-based, but are accessed through the visitor’s browser. Various tools and functions such as augmented reality, 3D visualizations and 360° views create a realistic customer experience.


How Sales Benefits

People appreciate a pleasant atmosphere. Completely free from architectural constraints, the showroom can be perfectly integrated with corporate marketing as well as sales. All colors, placements, decorative elements and entrances can be designed to present your company at its best. The sales team also benefits from innovative functions such as the 3D product view and the 360° panoramic view.

What Are the Advantages of the Virtual Showroom?

In addition to the technical advantages, such as accessibility and ease of integration into the customer journey, other opportunities exist. The sales team is grateful for every new tool. The showroom offers companies the opportunity to be perceived as a digital and progressive partner, thus strengthening image and trust.
Further great possibilities are offered by the existing flexibility. Because of the digital nature of the showroom, it can be completely transformed within a few hours. This allows, for example, the implementation of events or a visual realignment.

The Advantages at a Glance


Interested parties from all over the world can visit your flagship without long travel times. Even language barriers no longer exist in multilingual showrooms.

Opened 24/7

No matter what time zone potential customers are in or what time of day it is, they can find out about your products. The showroom is always open.

Endless Possibilities

Your showroom is not subject to any physical or architectural limits in terms of design. Use the design diversity for a presentation that your customers will remember.

Flexible & Fast

The architecture and furnishings are not fixed. Unlike physical showrooms, you can redesign your space or building on short notice and adapt it to current conditions.


You can also use your virtual showroom for other purposes. Invite a DJ or do a wine tasting with select guests.

Cross-Channel Integration

A virtual showroom fits perfectly into your customer’s journey. Seamless linking from the corporate website or social media is easy to implement.


Interested parties can look forward to numerous features such as 3D products, 360° videos, download centers and image galleries.


Compared to physical showrooms, you save high construction or rental costs.

What Do You Need a Virtual Showroom For?

There are numerous examples of the use of a virtual showroom.
These are some possible scenarios:

  • Sales talks in the B2B area
  • Production hall replicas
  • Staging a new product
  • Opening an online world of experience
  • Contact point for digital advertising
  • Presentation of new collections
  • Digital factory tours
virtuelle Messe Stand

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Functions for an Ideal User Experience

The design and environment make up the important first impression. But what would a showroom be without functions? The features are at the heart of it. Videos, 360° views, download centers and much more make the showroom a realistic experience. The defined goals are achieved by selecting the appropriate scope of functions. Choose from the existing functions of newroom connect or let us design new services together.

  • 360° View
  • Video embedding
  • Download center
  • Individual design
  • Contact form
  • Business cards
  • 3D product viewer
  • Networking Lounge

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What Is newroom connect?

newroom connect is the solution for implementing projects and offers digitally and virtually.
The focus is on showrooms, flagship stores, events and expos. Customers have the choice of implementing the events and rooms themselves or relying on the advice and expertise of the newroom connect team. Let’s talk about your project today and take a step towards digitization together.

Inspire customers and partners with your unique showroom.

Newroom Media and Newroom Connect together for digitization

This Is How Your Virtual Showroom Is Created


During the first contact we will discuss your project and show you our platform with the variety of functions. Don’t be afraid to write to us or pick up the phone!


In the 2nd phase, a concept for your showroom will be developed. Important issues such as the range of included functions and the presentation are coordinated.


Subsequently, the approved concept is put into practice. Within a very short time, the showroom is ready for the opening.


The time has come! Your new showroom opens its doors. Now you can share your new online presence. Invite customers, prospects and partners and show yourself in the best light.

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