How Do Virtual Expos Work?

As at a physical expo, exhibitors present their services, products, offers or vacancies at an expo booth. The visitor navigates easily and intuitively with a click across the event site.
Employees are available to visitors live as contact persons via chat or video telephony. The integration of live streams from real and virtual locations also enables digital product presentations and customer loyalty events to be designed emotionally. Trade fair stands do not always have to look like classic trade fair stands, but can be designed creatively.
Technical highlights can be set with the integration of augmented and virtual reality tools.

What You Can Expect

From the first moment of your planning or acquisition, we are at your side with advice and support. We leave you the freedom to take over many services yourself or offer you an all-inclusive full service. You can choose from various standard locations and exhibition stands or have individual buildings and exhibition areas created. We deliver a finished product, ensure a smooth process and provide you with our multilingual support. Lead generating tools,

campaigns for greater reach, automated communication, content production (film, green screen) and the staging of digital live events round off your options with newroom connect.

Virtual Infopoint of an Online Expo

This Is What Newroom Connect Expos Look Like

Outdoor Area

This is where your visitors arrive. Already with the style, whether for example modern or sustainable, you make your first statements. You can use the forecourt for promotions and outdoor stands.

Main Building/Lobby/Campus

The lobby is the central contact point for all guests. General information is available and visitors can get from here to the other locations.

Expo Hall

You will receive one or more exhibition halls. We build these halls based on the number of their exhibitors.

Expo Booths

In addition to stands, separate showrooms for individual exhibitors can also be implemented.


In the auditorium, viewers see live lectures or presentations at a specific time, which were previously recorded via video conference or webinar solution.

Re-Live Auditorium

Here all lectures or other live streams are available on-demand even after the live performance.

Individual Expo Concepts

Every expo has its own framework and requirements. With newroom connect you are free to design your room in terms of design and quantity. You can choose from our numerous features and the expo schedule is completely tailored to your needs.

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Freely Combinable

Choose from numerous widgets and features.

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The Right Rooms & Halls

Networking lounge, stage or conference room are just a few examples of an infinite number of rooms.

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Optimized User Experience

Every event needs its own "ways" for the users. We are glad to advise you.

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We Will Gladly Call You Back.

The Right Feature for Every Requirement


The registration is the entrance to the event. It often determines how the event is perceived.

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Reporting offers the possibility to control set targets and thus optimize performance.

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Auditorium Software

Presentations create through the intuitive user interface, an interactive webinar experience.

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Expo Rally

Comparable to a quiz, the expo rally guides visitors through the expo event in a playful way.

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Networking Lounge

Interesting conversations are possible in the Networking Lounge, where visitors, exhibitors and speakers meet.

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Appointment Booking

By synchronizing the calendar of your contact person, the appointment booking module replaces long arrangements.

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1 to 1 (Video) Chats

Personal consulting is a success factor. Personal contact is the best way to market yourself and your products.

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Business Cards

By automatically obtaining contact information, they avoid an opaque collection of business cards.

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Media Integration

Media integration saves high printing costs through digital media and ensures flexibility in design.

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360° View

The 360° view enables an unforgettable and authentic expo experience for exhibitors and visitors.

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Orientation Features

The platform offers organizers numerous opportunities for visitors to make contact.

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