Virtual Expo

Just like a physical expo, exhibitors present their services, products, offers or vacancies at an expo booth. The visitor can navigate easily and intuitively with a click across the event site.
Staff members are available to visitors live as contact persons via chat or video telephony.

Trade fair stands do not always have to look like classic trade fair stands, but can be designed creatively.
Augmented and virtual reality tools can be integrated as technical highlights.


In our video we explain the functions and rooms of virtual fairs.

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Our trade fair locations

Outdoor Area

This is where your visitors arrive. You already make your first statements with the style of this area, whether it be, for example, modern or sustainable. You can use the foreground for promotions and outdoor stands.

Main Building/Lobby/Campus

The lobby is the central contact point for all guests. General information is available and visitors can get from here to the other locations.

Expo Hall

You will receive one or more exhibition halls. We build these halls based on the number of their exhibitors.

Expo Booths

In addition to stands, separate showrooms for individual exhibitors can also be implemented.


In the auditorium, viewers watch lectures or presentations at a specific time, which were previously recorded via a video conference or webinar solution.

Re-Live Auditorium

Here all lectures or other live streams are available on-demand even after the live performance.

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Advantages of virtual trade fairs

It is not only your company that benefits from the advantages of a digital trade fair.
Your visitors, exhibitors and partners will also be delighted.


Expenses for rent, travel and accommodation are eliminated.


Optimisations are derived from comprehensive reporting.

Generating Leads

Simple lead generation via various tools.


Events are not bound to a specific place or time.

Customer portrait Tomke zur Brügge

“From start to finish I was very satisfied:
The consultation was top. Questions and requests were answered or implemented immediately.”

Tomke zur Brügge, Coordination office Perspektive: Pflegeausbildung!

Exhibition stands with many design options

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Exhibition stands size: L

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