You decide whether you want to set up your event or showroom yourself with our software or whether you want to leave it in the hands of our experts. After consultation, we create the areas and equip them with the appropriate functions. We are also happy to set up the registration and navigation and connect the chat facilities with your digital presence.

We set up

  • Areas set up
  • Setting Features
  • Integrate Registration
  • Setting up Navigation
  • Integration of contact & streaming tools

Integration of the Features


Instead of stones and concrete, we use data and software to build the virtual spaces. Our 3D designers model your products to place them in the environment or embed them separately in a 3D viewer. But we also model complete halls, rooms or landscapes for your individual appearance.

Product Modelling

Whether vehicles, furniture or anything else. We model your products for integration into our system or into any other 3D software. Visitors can view the objects from all perspectives.

Environmental Modelling

Our 3D team creates inspiring environments for your event or showroom. The realistic design captivates interested parties. The environments can then be integrated into our software in a 360° look.


We have developed different designs for trade fairs of all kinds that our customers can use. You can book our graphics department to adapt these templates to the event. Both the areas (such as the exhibition hall and lobby) and the stands of all exhibitors are brought to life.

Stand template

Premium Virtual Expo Booth of Riego Chile at the Agryd Virtual Expo

Example of a branded exhibition stand


Each event can be implemented in an individual way with our platform. We review various options for the implementation of your individual requirements.


You present your event idea to us and set goals for the event.



Needs analysis

The need for resources and media for integration is identified.


In event series, processes and surroundings are optimised on the basis of experience gained.


If you decide to embed all areas and functions yourself and need an external check, our team is at your disposal. In the quality check, we put your environment through its paces again to eliminate all errors. All integrated functions, triggers and areas are examined for errors and summarised in a report with suggestions for improvement. Of course, we also offer the possibility to eliminate the errors directly on your own. Translated with (free version)


For productions around your virtual environment, we built a green screen. As if by magic, real people can travel into digital worlds.
For this purpose, either the venue can be booked separately at the Osnabrück location or combined with additional services.

Greenscreen located in Osnabrück

Our service areas


Video/audio equipment

Production team


Examples of applications

Integration of real people in showrooms and events
Video production for marketing


Does your event include many lectures or performances by artists, for example? Then you should not do without an experienced moderator. He or she guides the audience through the programme and gives the virtual event an even more professional character. In addition, the audience is prepared for the next programme item and a boring idle time is avoided.

Moderator Marc Overbecke in action

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