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In Addition to the Use of the Newroom Connect Platform, We Offer You Further Services.


You have an idea and do not know exactly how to implement it? Trust our consultants.


Our consultants will advise you on request in all areas for a professional visitor experience.

Project Management

Let our professional project management support you in the planning and execution of virtual events.


Book a support by hotline or mail, which visitors can contact directly.


If you do not have the resources to design the expo or booths, feel free to call on our graphics team.


You can decide whether you want to operate our backend yourself or have the expo set up by our expert staff.


Request the support of our experienced marketing team and conquer your target audience.


Moderation, expo hostesses, use of VR glasses and much more we make possible - contact us!

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Presentation and collaboration in the office

Every virtual location has its own requirements – whether it’s a virtual expo, showroom or companies. Due to the many facets and areas that need to be taken into account, we will provide you with our experienced experts if required. They will be happy to advise you in terms of concept, implementation, design, architecture or partner acquisition. The professional organization of your rooms and events increases success and paves the way for innovative opportunities.

Below is a short list of areas that are critical to a concept:

  • As-is analysis
  • Target definition
  • Type of event
  • User journey (mapping)
  • Needs analysis
  • Resource assessment
  • Optimization
  • Debriefing


You would like to use our platform and your graphics department has no free capacities. Or you trust a well-coordinated graphics team that has already designed numerous events and expos. Have already pre-made templates designed according to your taste or have a completely new world created for you.

There are no limits to your ideas.

Leerer virtueller Messestand Premiummessestand der Newroom Media auf der 21. Diepholzer Berufsmesse


Choose a 3D model from a variety of templates. Our design team will then adapt the template according to your wishes. In the example you can see how a expo booth blank can be turned into a corporate design booth with real employees.

Exterior of the Agryd Virtual Expo


Or let us create a completely new 3D theme world for you. From expo booths to expo buildings, from virtual buildings of your company to individual interior elements, our designers will create an optimal 3D experience.


Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is characterized by the fact that it is driven by numbers. It is therefore measurable and can be optimized using key figures. Classic key figures are, for example, impressions, conversions and the costs per visitor. If required, we set up and continuously optimize your performance-based campaigns in social media and search engine channels. This makes your event scalable.

Social Media

Not every visitor will find out about your event through your website. Pick up your target group where they are. In social channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, XING or Instagram, we build your presence in line with the brand and in a targeted manner. Get practical tips or let us design your appearance.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic is probably the most valuable. So if users are searching the search engines and your event is the solution to the problem, they will almost certainly convert to new visitors. So, if your event is planned for the long term or becomes a series of events, we recommend measures of SEO.

Public Relations

How often have you stumbled upon an interesting product or service while browsing through magazines or BLOGs? We find the right placements and you attract the attention of readers you would otherwise never reach.


The possibilities in the virtual world are inexhaustible. With our technical functions we cover almost all wishes. 3D animation, moderation, green screen production or virtual reality are just a small excerpt from the technical diversity.

If you have any further ideas about new features, just contact us.

3D animation of a virtual expo






virtual reality

Virtual Reality

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