PRO Features

The PRO Features

PRO features are integrated into PRO licence and create an unforgettable online experience.
All listed PRO functions can also be booked individually.
If you need more functions, contact us for the development and implementation of further tools.

Overview of the Features


Fewer language barriers, more reach. Translate your virtual environment and inspire customers worldwide.

The multilingual function allows you to integrate up to 5 languages into your showroom. Visitors can thus easily switch to their preferred language. Already during registration, the user journey can be provided in the native language by specifying the language. Activation emails and the digital environment are displayed in the user-defined language.


  • No language barriers
  • Higher international reach possible
  • User friendly

3D Product Viewer

With the 3D Product Viewer, your customers also have a complete overview online.

The 3D Product Viewer makes it possible to examine products from any angle, just like in the local branch. To do this, simply turn the product in the desired direction with the cursor. Viewers can thus get a realistic picture and better understand even complex products.


Information points

Important information about the product can be integrated directly into the 3D model without much effort. This is made possible with the help of information points that display the desired information when touched with the cursor. The points can be placed anywhere on the 3D model. With this display method, individual product components can be clearly described.


Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, products can be viewed in the real environment. All you have to do is scan a QR code with your smartphone or tablet. After the successful scan, the products become visible in the camera image, which can then be conveniently placed and viewed anywhere in reality. Even complicated products can be made understandable and accessible to the viewer.


  • Product viewing from all angles
  • Realistic product presentation
  • Better understanding of complex products
  • Information transfer of product details
  • Augmented reality shows life-size models in the real environment
  • Longer dwell time

360° environment

Everything in view all around. The 360° view creates real shopping experiences.

With the help of the 360° view and the intuitive movement via navigation points in the high-resolution environment, visitors are given an authentic and realistic sense of space. This increases the length of stay and orientation in the showroom or trade fair.


  • Free choice of perspective
  • High resolution environment
  • Authentic feeling of space
  • Longer dwell time


Playfully generate new leads with competitions.

Competitions can be used by organisers and exhibitors of virtual trade fairs and events. The incentive of winning makes visitors more willing to leave their data in order to get in touch. The function can also be used for digital company presences such as showrooms to generate leads or to increase the length of stay. Prospective customers turn a wheel with win and loss fields. The probability of winning and the number of possible winnings can be freely set. Optical adjustments are also possible. Translated with (free version)


  • Visual adjustments (background, logo, wheel)
  • Own profit and loss reports
  • General terms and conditions and data protection information can be integrated
  • Contact export as list

Automated email reminder

It's annoying when visitors can't make it to your event because they've simply forgotten the start of the event. The automated e-mail reminder is designed to prevent just that.

After successful registration with full contact details, those interested in your event will automatically receive emails reminding them of the event start date. This minimises the risk of participants forgetting. You don’t have to go to any trouble yourself and thus save time. Design templates are available for the e-mails. You determine the sending intervals yourself.

Scope of functions

  • Design template
  • Flexible shipment intervals


Already use the branding effect when customers enter their destination.

Your own URL can be adapted to your wishes. This gives you the option of creating your brand name, company name or slogan as a URL. This gives the URL as access to your showroom a particularly individual touch and creates a recognition value. .

In addition, this individual URL is usually more memorable, which also helps to avoid typing errors. Your showroom can therefore usually be found more quickly. In addition, an individual URL contributes to a coherent brand image, which again underlines your corporate identity.


  • Individual touch
  • High recognition value
  • Easier to remember

"Real-time" Google Analytics reporting

With Google Analytics, you can get an up-to-date picture of visitor behaviour at any time.

“Real-time” Google Analytics is a reporting tool that provides you with real-time data on the behaviour of your visitors in the virtual environment. Comprehensive reporting, individually tailored to your needs, makes the presence measurable. Measurements of traffic, area visits, function clicks and dwell time are the basis for optimisation.


  • Individual reporting dashboard
  • Current visitor behaviour at a glance
  • Overview of the impact of changes and new campaigns
  • Early intervention possible in case of negative development
  • Design and functional optimisations

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