BASIC Features

The BASIC Features

The BASIC functions are always activated with newroom connect.
If you need further functions, you can either find them in the PRO functions or contact us to implement further tools.

Overview of the Features


Individual areas not only enable a representative and interesting presentation of your showroom or trade fair stand, but also function as a tool for a better user journey and customer acquisition.

The wide range of design options for your exhibition stand or showroom also includes the use of multiple areas. You can create different virtual areas to make a thematic or functional demarcation. This differentiation not only serves to better orientate visitors or customers and thus improve the user journey, but also makes it easier for you to target your interested parties.

For example, there may be areas that represent a counselling area or a pure information area. This makes it possible to better differentiate visitors according to their interests, but your showroom can also have areas for different product groups, for example. The advantage is that every visitor can look for the products of interest to him or her directly in the corresponding area.

Examples from our Demo Showroom

Main Area


The functions on the newroom connect platform are triggered by triggers.
4 triggers are available:

Action Buttons

An action button is a pulsating button that performs a specific action when clicked. Opening a pop-up with a video, redirecting to a desired website or changing areas are possible functions. The design of the action buttons can be changed by the background colour and the icons.


Clicking on the multibutton creates 4 action buttons that can be equipped with different functions. Their design is customisable. The multibutton is mainly used for topic-related functions (such as contact options via telephone, contact form and live chat) in a small space to ensure clarity.

Transparent Trigger

Instead of visible buttons, areas (such as screens or people) can be selected in the area that trigger functions by clicking.


Timetriggers open pop-ups with information, videos or images after a set time. Visitors do not have to actively trigger this function.

Standard Locations

Your own virtual trade fair with minimal effort

You enjoy complete freedom in the design of your virtual trade fair. This means you can create a completely new individual 3D theme world or you can use our ready-made templates.

The templates have the advantage for you that the creation time for the individual areas remains minimal. You will receive PSD files with predefined areas to be branded.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive guideline that makes individual design child’s play.


  • PSD files for every area
  • Extensive guideline for individualisation
  • Fine-tuning by the newroom connect team


With the included Photoshop files, the fair can be adapted independently.
Everything is already preset for this: Textures: backgrounds, people, furniture, and much more.
Of course, further individual changes can be made.

Changes to the areas explained using the example of a trade fair stand


A picture is worth a thousand words. Use the image slider to present your company, your products or services with the support of images and to anchor them in the memory.

The imageslider allows you to integrate an image gallery, presentations and infographics into your showroom or exhibition stand. There are numerous design possibilities, e.g. as a canvas. Your visitors can then easily click through the images or presentation.
In 16:9 format, images are integrated without borders and can be scrolled through using the arrows on the left and right.
The gallery view allows for easy selection of images.

Imageslider in live view

Gallery view

Click on through arrow icons

Video integration

Audiovisual media are indispensable for an expressive company and product presentation.

Videos can be placed at any position with the help of various triggers, such as action buttons). The integration of the videos in the can be done via direct links to Youtube or Vimeo videos or you can use the upload function of the newroom connect platform.

Video Overlay

With the video overlay, virtual rooms come to life. Draw the attention of the interested parties.

Video Overlay is the perfect tool for integrating moving images into the virtual environment. The video integration happens independently of the area environment and can be subsequently integrated and changed without having to render new backgrounds or 360° environments.

Image Overlay

New campaign? New colors? Quick design adjustments with the image.

The image overlay function allows you to flexibly and quickly integrate images into your virtual showroom. The position and the image itself can be changed at any time. You do not need to make any changes to the 3D model. With just a few clicks, you can keep your media up to date and benefit from minimal effort, for example, when launching a new campaign.


  • Fast and uncomplicated integration
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Flexible positioning
  • Changes possible at any time
  • No changes to the background necessary

Media Library

The virtual media library is the centre to present all your media.

The media library represents a multimedia library in your virtual showroom. Here you have the possibility to upload videos, pictures and information material and to structure them in folders. Your interested parties can conveniently search for specific media using the search function and view them directly in the media library. If you are interested, you can download them directly. The folder structure and search function provide an optimal overview and convenient operation.


  • Videos, images, PDFs and 3D models can be viewed directly
  • Folder and search function allow easy overview and convenient operation
  • Almost all formats downloadable
  • Quick and uncomplicated adjustment of the files
  • Changes possible at any time

Media library view

Folder structure

Search Feature


Quickly create and modify your content with the "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get'' editor.

The “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get”editor allows you to manage your content in pop-ups in a convenient way.HTML or other programming skills are not necessary. Therefore you can Texts, links and images in WYSIWYG- Editor formatiert werden. Die Formatierung erfolgt dabei wie in gängigen Office-Programmen. Jede Veränderung wird so angezeigt, wie sie später im Popup zu sehen ist. Der WYSIWYG-Editor ist somit ein zeitsparendes und effizientes Instrument zum Content Management.


  • Fast and uncomplicated content management
  • Convenient operation
  • Formatting as with ordinary office programmes
  • No HTML or programme knowledge necessary
  • No preview function necessary
  • Time saving during processing

Business cards

Fast and convenient lead generation. The virtual business card function gives you a structured overview of all the contacts you have made.

Graphic Leads

After the virtual business card has been filled out once by your visitors, it can be conveniently distributed to you or, for example, to trade fair exhibitors with one click. Overall, the exchange of contacts becomes faster and more convenient. The contents of the business card can be designed individually.


  • Efficient lead generation
  • Convenient storage of contact data with one click
  • Overview of all contacts gained
  • Direct transfer to the master data possible
  • Contents of the business card can be individually designed

Contact form

Easy exchange of contact details. Visitors can send their contact details directly to the exhibitor and organiser.

The contact form is ideally suited for a quick and easy exchange of contacts. The contents of the contact form can be customised. The form can be placed in any area and have different recipients of the message (e.g. different employees or designated third parties). At a digital trade fair, exhibitors can also integrate their own contact forms in addition to the organiser. They will receive the contact information directly by e-mail.

Elements of the form design

  • Single-line text fields
  • multiline text fields
  • Selection fields
  • Check boxes

Livechat Integration

Win new customers through direct communication with your support, sales or consultants.

The live chat in the form of a 1-to-1 video chat enables direct contact for interested parties. Contact can be made both in writing and by video. In addition, the 1-to-1 (video) chat includes the use of a wide range of helpful functions.

  • Screensharing
  • Taking over conversations from colleagues
  • Chat-Archive
  • Generating Leads

Livestream Integration

Moving lectures and events into the virtual environment with the help of livestreams makes for liveliness and ensures the attention of visitors.

With the integration of the streaming software, live broadcasts can be integrated into the virtual environment.

Lectures, meetings and entire events are presented to the audience. Visitors are interactively involved with numerous functions.

  • Chat function
  • Screen sharing & Whiteboard
  • Voting option
  • Use templates
  • Individual design
  • Backstage area
  • Role-based access rights
  • List of participants
  • Include videos
  • Audio modes
  • Attendance manager
  • List of participants
  • Waiting room
  • Security & DSGVO compliance


Everything at a glance. The navigation menu in your showroom or trade fair shows visitors all available areas and enables quick navigation.

Similar to the menu of a website, visitors get an overview of important areas and can easily switch to the target area.


  • Fast navigation
  • Reduced time expenditure
  • Improved user experience
  • Easy overview

Search Feature

No long searches.<br>
With the help of the search function, your visitors will quickly find the exhibitors they are looking for.

The search function allows visitors to easily find the exhibition stands they are looking for by entering the exhibitor name in the search bar.


  • Find exhibitors quickly
  • "Detours" can be avoided
  • Reduced time expenditure

HTML Widgets

Design your virtual showroom even more individually with the help of HTML widgets and integrate numerous functions.

HTML widgets are independent and small programme windows that can be conveniently integrated into your virtual showroom using HTML codes. They fulfil different functions, such as permanent live chats or a social media widget that presents postings, pins or profiles. The advantage of the design is that the widget is embedded in the environment, so it is not necessary to open a new window.

Examples of applications

  • Permanent Livechat
  • Appointment Booking
  • Social media linking


The registration is the first impression of your advertiser and therefore decisive for the further user journey.

The registration serves to enter all necessary contact data of your visitors. The layout of the registration area can be individually designed and is DSGVO-compliant. You have the option of using numerous functions such as automated reminder e-mails about your event to the participants. In addition, you retain control over access to your showroom with the help of password protection or the need for registration.

The functions at a glance:

  • Double Opt-in
  • Blacklist
  • Contact import
  • Invitation registration
  • Password protection
  • Visitor business card
  • Optical adjustments


  • Individually designable
  • Access control
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Fast and flexible adjustments
  • Generating Leads

Standardised reporting

Meaningful key figures on visitor behaviour thanks to standardised reporting.

The standardised reporting provides you with numerous key figures on your visitors in the virtual showroom and allows you to analyse user behaviour. The important KPIs include:

  • Registrations
  • Area-calls
  • Leads​
  • Clicks​
  • Dwell time​
  • Downloads

With the help of this valuable information on user behaviour, you can control your set goals and improve your performance strategy.

Content Manager Training

Live explanation of the system by a professional from the newroom connect team.

Familiarisation with the technology and its implementation can be time-consuming, so we offer weekly live training sessions. You will be shown how to operate the software on a live system. Thus, our experts provide you with all the necessary information you need for successful content management. You will also receive tips and have the opportunity to ask questions directly.


  • Guided induction
  • Safe operation of the system
  • Simple and independent content management
  • Questions can be answered directly
  • Use of expert tips

Tutorials, Guidelines and Manual

In addition to our personal support via email and telephone, you can also use tutorials, guidelines and the manual.

Tutorials, guidelines and the manual simplify the operation of the system. In addition to general information, you will also receive clear step-by-step instructions on how to implement and set up your virtual showroom. Most of your questions will be answered quickly. This ensures quick and uncomplicated operation of the system.


  • Simplified system training and operation
  • Changes can be made quickly and independently
  • High flexibility
  • Long-term reference work
  • Support for system familiarisation of new employees
  • Many questions are answered directly

E-Mail Support

Get support easily and flexibly by e-mail.

With the e-mail support function, you can contact the support staff by e-mail at any time. Necessary assistance or additional information is provided in a quick and easy way. Regardless of time and place, you have a competent contact person at your side.

Telephon Support

Clarify technical questions quickly and personally.

The telephone support offers you the possibility to contact the support staff personally by telephone. Technical questions or problems can thus be answered or solved quickly and easily in a telephone conversation.

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